Work Independently as a Home Inspector

When buying a home, the most critical point in the transaction can be the home inspection. This can often reveal unexpected problems with the home that buyers were not aware of. Specially trained professionals do these inspections, and the will have had to earn their diploma in home inspection. These professionals can earn up to 800 dollars a day.

The time after the home inspection is a critical time during a transaction. Buyers are often overwhelmed by the inspection and sellers are nervously waiting to hear if their property "passed" inspection.

Since there are many systems and components, a home rarely "passes" an inspection. In older homes, defective windows, improperly installed insulation, roof venting, plumbing or electrical issues are common. New construction issues often include defective door and window installations, defective plumbing and electrical components or installation, and poor finish work.

Since there are no guidelines about what should happen after an inspection, many buyers push for unrealistic price reductions or credits, others attempt to get the seller to make the property like new for them, and others don't ask for all that they could get.

The seller's response to a buyer's inspection concerns usually depends on how reasonable the seller feels the requests are for the agreed price. Buyers that focus on getting the seller to deliver a safe, water tight home with functional systems displaying reasonable wear and tear for the age of the property usually get the best results.

This is a great career for someone who is self motivated and generally handy around a house. Almost all home inspectors are self employed and need a business license to collect any money from clients. Basic education requirements are a certificate in home inspection, or a home inspection diploma. Most states require that home inspectors are licensed.

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