Is Your Computer Secure?

Almost everything you encounter during the day involves a computer.  From the coffee you stop and get, the gas pump you use, and the credit card transaction for lunch.  Computers are and integral part of our lives, but who is keeping them secure?  People who have earned a computer security degree.

The first thing to understand is that computer security has been and always will be a branch of information security. The primary objective of computer security is to include the protection of information and property from theft, corruption, or natural disaster. However, natural disaster isn't exactly something that can be truly avoided, but there are steps that can be taken to ensure that the physical aspect of natural disasters is protected against. The concepts of computer security are designed and based on logic. For this to happen, the computer software that is designed has to be designed to impose certain restrictions to program behavior. We now look to the architecture of computer security.

The integrity of your system is your systems strength to ensure the confidentiality of your system. The availability of your system is more cornered and concerned with the computer's users (which we'll discuss in a little bit). The accountability of your system is more the "monitor" of your system so that way systems administrators can see what's going on with the computer whenever they check the logs for it.


A degree in information systems with a concentration in computer security can prepare you for work in many areas.  And only those who earn computer security degrees will be qualified for work in this field.

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