Forensic Nurses are In Demand

All we are hearing about these days is the economy and the lack of employment opportunities. While this is a fact, there are some fields that are in dire need of qualified workers. Nursing is one such field. There are nurses needed in traditional and research capacities, but there are also many jobs available for those who have a forensic nursing degree.

The U.S. Department of Labor's March 2008 Employment Situation Summary reports employment in the financial and credit markets has fallen by 116,000 since October 2006, construction has dropped 331,000 jobs since September 2006, and real estate has lost 34,000 jobs since June 2006. Health care, on the other hand, continues to grow, adding 360,000 jobs during the past 12 months.

Nursing positions exist in schools, in forensics and in research, said Baumlein, adding, "The opportunities for any individual are almost endless."

The employment outlook continues to look bright for nurses. The Labor Department estimates employment of registered nurses will grow 23 percent from 2006 to 2016 and the country will need 500,000 new RNs by 2016.

Forensic nurses work with law enforcement officials to aid in the investigation crimes that involve homicide, sexual assault, and accidental death to name a few. When you earn an online forensic nursing degree, you can take your love of nursing and mix it up with the fast paced world of law enforcement.

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