Stanford Announces New Dean for Business School

A global economy is international economic activity which includes the world-wide integration of markets for goods, services, labor, and capital. People who earn their business degree or MBA can become key players in many different markets around the world. Schools like Stanford are making strides in education for business students, and the appointment of a new dean at Stanford's Graduate School of Business is just a start.

The new dean of Stanford's Graduate School of Business is Garth Saloner, an economist, popular teacher and a leader in management education.

Saloner, 54, takes over as the school seeks to expand its reach into the global economy and launches construction of a new 360,000-square-foot campus slated for completion by 2011.

A Stanford faculty member since 1990, Saloner is known for forging contacts between the school and the business leaders of Silicon Valley, and has promoted collaboration between students in the business school and those in other departments.

"We've been working hard to eliminate boundaries between the schools and disciplines," he said Tuesday. "We are really trying to promote the free flow of ideas, students and faculty across the schools."

He takes over as dean Sept. 1 from Robert Joss, who is stepping down after 10 years. Saloner's research is in entrepreneurship and network effects that underlie electronic commerce.

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