Changes to the GRE Test Are Cancelled

ETS, the administrator of the GRE Test, a test that is often required for students planning to attend grad school, recently announced that they will not revise the test later this year as they had originally planned. Instead, the test will retain its current format. According to Peterson's:

This new exam, scheduled for release in September, would have featured the biggest changes to the GRE in over 50 years.

Gone would have been the computer-adaptive format, by which a section becomes easier or harder according to how a student performs on early questions. Instead, the new linear test - almost twice the length of the current exam - would have been the same for everyone taking it on a given day. It would also have introduced many new question types that required more student interaction with the computer.

After careful review, ETS decided that the possible risks to worldwide testing access outweighed the benefits of the new format. Because the new test would be offered only 35 times annually, instead of year-round as it is now, ETS worried that fall testers were no longer guaranteed seats.

This is good news for students because they can continue preparing for the GRE in its current format. ETS says that they are still working on an update for the test, though they're unsure when any new changes will occur

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