The General GRE is getting a Facelift

It has been announced that the General GRE, the test that many students must take prior to applying to graduate schools, is currently being revised and will change as of September of 2007. According to CBS News:

The GRE General Test, the bane of many applicants, is about to get more challenging. A much-delayed revamp debuts in September with changes designed to make it more relevant-at least according to Educational Testing Service, the people who dreamed it up. The new exam will clock in at over four hours, up from 2 1/2. There will be more critical reading questions in the verbal section and more interpolation questions in quantitative reasoning, and, like the SAT, the GRE will jettison analogies.

One thing is certain: Scores will plummet. From 1600 possible points (plus a score of 0-6 for analytical writing), the new test tops out at 240 (the writing score remains unchanged). Most important, the computerized test will no longer alter the question pool along the way according to the test taker's performance. Everyone will face the same set of questions.

Many believe that schools will have to alter the way they look at the test scores until they decide on how the new scores predict how much potential a student has to succeed in graduate school. This may lead grad schools to look at a graduate's other application materials with more weight since they won't be able to rely so heavily on the GRE Test scores.

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