Teachers in Texas Aren���t Making the Grade.

Testing in Texas is showing an alarming number of teachers who cannot pass the basic certifications tests.

Testing is a part of life. Most professions require some sort of test and you only get so many tries. But a News Station Investigation shows - when it comes to teaching or running a school, for thousands of North Texas educators its try, try and try again���and again.

The anticipation and pressure mounts on most any public school student in Texas every year as they are required to tackle the TAKS test before they can move on or graduate. But what about those running the classrooms? Fox 4 found lots of teachers repeatedly flunked the tests required to teach in Texas.

Lorraine Snowden is a teacher at Urban Park Elementary in East Dallas. State records show Snowden started taking her certification exams back in 1989 but failed year after year until she finally passed in 2003. She flunked exams a total of 54 times in 14 years.

It makes me wonder what kinds of people are teaching our children out there, and how they remain employed. Students who are looking in to getting a degree in education should know how badly qualified teachers are needed. Job opportunities for the best teachers will be endless.

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