Aakers College Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice

Have you ever considered a career in criminal justice? If so, you may want to look into earning your online bachelor's degree in criminal justice through Aakers College. If you want to protect our nation and its citizens from the threat of crime and terrorism, protect property from illegal entry, vandalism, and theft, keep order and enforce rules in jails and prisons, or help legal offenders adjust to life in the community, then this field may be right for you.

As a student in the Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree program, you will study criminal behavior, criminal law, cultural diversity and justice, criminal justice leadership, and crime prevention. Additionally, you will participate in two fieldwork courses to gain real world experience in Criminal Justice. Graduates will develop important skills, such as critical thinking, ethical decision making, research, understanding the legal system, understanding criminal justice practices, and understanding criminal behavior.

The online Criminal Justice BS degree from Aakers College includes four emphases that you can choose from to tailor your education to your interests: Client Services/Corrections, Criminal Offenders, Homeland Security, and Investigation/Law Enforcement. Graduates from this program will be qualified for enrty-level positions in the field, such as Loss Prevention, Private Security, Corrections, Homeland Security, Juvenile Justice, Family Services, and Court Clerk.

Criminal Justice Degree
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