Clayton College of Natural Health Certificate in Herbal Studies

If you've ever considered a career in the field of natural health and herbal studies, then you may want to consider looking into the online degree programs in natural health studies offered through Clayton College of Natural Health. Clayton College of Natural Health has everything from certificate to doctorate degree programs in natural health studies.

Persons interested in herbal studies will want to look into Clayton College's three-tiered Herbal Studies Certificate Program. This three-part program was designed to cater to persons interested in herbal studies for a number of reasons. The Family Herbalist Certificate program was designed primarily for persons interested in using herbs in order to improve their family's health. Students in this program take classes such as Basic Nutrition, General Herbology, The Home Herbal Garden, Issues of a Consulting Practice, Home Remedies and Simples, and Aromatherapy.

The Family Herbalist Certificate also forms the basis for both the Consulting Herbalist Certificate and the Master Herbalist Certificate. Both of these programs were designed to cater to persons employed in a field where herbal knowledge is either beneficial or imperative. Students in these programs will take classes such as Herbalism and Phytotherapy, Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Native American Ethnobotany, Plant Identification, Herbal Nutrition, and Therapeutic Herbology.

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