The Art Institute Online Game Art & Design Degree

Are you looking for a career in game design? Game artists are the imaginative force that brings a game design concept to life. If you are interested in video games, and enjoy a challenge, there are great opportunities for graduates with a degree in game art and design.

At The Art Institute Online offers online degree and diploma programs in a broad range of creative fields " like Game Art and Design. The Game Art & Design program focuses on the artistic side of games - not computer programming. This distinctive program is a necessary first step to becoming an artist and designer in the multi-billion dollar game design business. In the Game Art & Design program you will follow a curriculum that centers around creating the content seen on the computer screen. You will also learn how to draw, visualize, and use color for theses designs. The set of courses includes modeling, scene and set design, motion capture, animation, and texture mapping to name a few.

Earning your Game Art and Design degree at the Art Institute Online is your first step towards an exciting career. The Arts Institute Online programs gives students the freedom to attend class anytime from the Internet.

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