College - Not Just for Kids

Colleges today are seeing great numbers of adults over thirty joining the ranks of high school graduates - eager to earn degrees. Older students with real world experience are seeing that they can have better jobs and salaries if the earn a college degree.

Across the country, more than one-third of students enrolled in higher-education programs are older than 24. And that could rise as the population ages and more Americans return to school to hone job skills, prepare to launch new businesses or to pursue areas of personal enrichment.

"More older students are coming back to college," said Scott Higgins, interim dean of research and graduate studies at Western Carolina University. "Many are seeking insight and skills required to start small businesses".

Those who decide to back to school after lengthy break have to sacrifice alot of time and money for their education. Graduate students can, however, borrow up to $18,500 a year on federal Stafford loans, which carry a relatively low interest rate of 6.8 percent. For those who need extra cash, there is a new Graduate Plus Loan available at a higher rate than Stafford loans.

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