Great Majors for Lucrative Careers

Having trouble deciding on a college major? There are several promising careers that are projected to be in great demand over the next decade. Earning a degree in these key fields will almost guarantee you a job right out of college.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the economy will generate 200,000 more engineering jobs by 2014, and many employers are already noticing a shortage of skilled workers in a variety of engineering fields - civil, mechanical, industrial, you name it. Annual pay for engineers in the U.S. now averages $72,965, well over twice the U.S. average of just under $30,000 for workers in all occupations.

Biochemical engineering and Biomedical engineering are two of the fastest growing engineering specialties for engineering majors. Biochemical engineers study living systems to solve problems related to our food supply and our environment. Biomedical engineers work in different areas of medicine focusing on a variety of ways that technology can be applied in the treatment of biological or medical problems.

Another area of growth will be in health care and specifically physical therapy. This occupation will be in great demand as our aging baby boom population increases. The median annual salary of physical therapists today is $65,000 annually, and job projections show that 50,000 new jobs in this field will be opened over the next ten years.

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