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January 17 2018, 7:54AM PST

10 Schools Offering Academic Support to Online Degree Students

If you are considering earning your college degree online, you are in good company. According to the Sloan Consortium, about a third of college students will take at least one online course over the span of their academic careers. Nonetheless, some research suggests that when it comes to difficult classes, many students prefer to report to a traditional classroom. One explanation: they fear they will not find the academic support they need to succeed online. Fret not, [Read More]

Are online classes gaining legitimacy?

For professionals working in colleges, universities, or academia, the issue of distance or online learning has become hard to ignore. After all, online learning is rapidly changing the academic landscape and revolutionizing the way that many students earn the credits to complete their degrees. According to the 2011 Survey of Online Learning (Babson Survey Research Group, 2011), over six million students, or 31 percent, were taking at least once class online during the fall of 2010. Additionally, 65 percent of higher [Read More]

What are MOOCs?

What in the world is a MOOC? Though the unfortunate acronym sounds like some sort of slimy substance or science fiction character, it's definitely more substantial than that. MOOC stands for "massive open online course," and it is quickly changing the face of online education.

Online courses have long been offered through colleges and universities, as well as serving as the bread-and-butter for many for-profit schools. In fact, educational powerhouses MIT and Harvard have offered free courses online for many years. Massive [Read More]

What You Didn't Know about Four Growing Trade Occupations

Wouldn't it be nice if you could find a growing, relatively well-paying job that didn't require you to spend four or more years in college? You can, if you pursue a skilled trade like the four listed below. Yes, you say, but are trade careers really sexy enough to win me the respect of my peers? My mom's admiration? Score me a date? We can't speak to your smooth moves, but we can assure you that trade professions can be [Read More]

4 Details You Should Know About Your Medical Records

You are being monitored. Closely. They have been following you from the moment you were born, and likely will be for the rest of your life. Who are "they?" Your doctors, of course. We're talking about your medical records, or the notes, reports and lab results that your health care providers have amassed on your behalf, either digitally or in paper form. It may sound a little creepy, but these records provide a detailed (and oh so important) transcript of [Read More]

From Electricity to E-Commerce: Five Famous Electrical Engineers

If you're pursing one of the sundry online electrical engineering degrees and wondering where they may take you, check out our list of five famous electrical engineers. These top professionals have proven that in this field, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're looking into a brick-and-mortar school or one of the online electrical engineering programs, this is one degree that could lead you to a bright future.

1. Jeff Bezos - As the founder and CEO of Amazon.com, electrical engineer [Read More]

Four CPAs Who Made History for All the Wrong Reasons

To say Certified Public Accountants manage a company's books is a simplistic view of the profession. Sure, CPAs prepare, maintain and review financial records, but what this description leaves unsaid is that solid accountants can keep organizations out of hot water (while poor or misguided ones sully their clients' good names). Here are four of the most infamous CPAs in the country along with their misdeeds (alleged or otherwise).

Four CPAs Who Made History (for All the Wrong Reasons)

1. David G. [Read More]

Planning Ahead: 4 Steps to an Early Childhood Education Career

Good early childhood educators have a heaping dose of stamina, zen-like patience and a natural love for young children. Truly great early childhood educators have all that plus the right training. Precisely what that training entails varies by job title, location and employer, but even schools that do not require formal education tend to prefer candidates with a beefier resume. Ready to get started? Let these four steps guide you toward the teaching career of your dreams.

1. Get some work [Read More]

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